Hello World.

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Our personal worlds have advanced radically

As our world evolves into the digital era we are  now more connected.  Friends and family across the globe are just a click of a button away and often at no extra charge.  We have the greatest encyclopedia of the world for free at our fingertips 24/7, we can navigate and plan trips with ease, buy goods online from anywhere in the world and basically our planet has become more connected, as distance between people is no longer an issue.


The institutions that serve us impact all of us

While these digital advancements have brought us major strides ahead  in our personal lives, the systems around us have stayed somewhat behind.

Most educational systems have barely advanced in the last 100 years.  Teachers need to waste precious time photocopying, printing and distributing and collecting papers instead of spending more time developing smarter curriculum and  systems of education. More than that, today teachers are burdened with various reporting requirements for statistical and other purposes, which robs their time of creating new and exciting activities for children.

We still dread the need to waste hours and even days plus aggravation visiting governmental offices, where most of our time is spent standing in line and going from one clerk to the next.  And of course government workers need to spend large parts of their days dealing with frustrated citizens instead of learnings and using smarter systems to service their communities.

Our factories, which have automated manufacturing and brought in robotics still connect with the world  largely via email and phone.  In our competitive, more connected world, the business price of this can be very steep and of course it is our community that then pays the price of being supported by less competitive industry.


Our motivation

The digital lag of the institutions that surround and support us is a formidable one, because it creates a society that is not too productive, frustrated and in many cases dissatisfied. Despite the fact that these inefficiencies squander the potential of billions of people, not enough is being done to change this.

  • You should not have to go into a government office to make an enquiry or complete a form
  • Teachers should be dealing with developing exciting curriculum and not managing papers
  • The factories that drive the economies of our communities should be more productive and less wasteful in the market place

These digital problems are now artificial problems, as technology already exists to support more efficient processes. We are all tired of hearing “well that’s just the way it works” when discussing the current state of affairs in government, education and manufacturing.

This is why we are launching Managesoft  Partners and we are proud to say "Hello World" today!

In the sections below you can read up how we will be making it possible for these critical community sectors to make the important  digital strides to bring them in line with our new reality and the dream of a more successful, pleasant way of life for us all!


Digital Education

As Authorized Education Providers (AEP) we are certified to provide K-12 schools with Microsoft Education Platform (MEP). 

The MEP is a suite of education specific software that enables a school to manage itself digitally from both the administration perspective as well as within the classroom.  School managers can more effectively manage their staff and teachers through custom school administration tools.  Teachers can distribute, collect and grade assignments and give their students interactive lessons all online.  Students can be organized into study groups and teams and collaborate digitally on projects.  Also, as part of our schools program, teachers and students  can receive professional consulting in selecting the best laptop or tablet devices to serve their needs, plus enjoy volume discounts directly from one of the three main computer hardware distributors in Israel.

We know this is strong promise but we can confidently say that qualified schools in Israel can receive from Managesoft an unbeatable offer to digitalize with Microsoft Education Platform


Digital Government

Managesoft is offering the full suite of Microsoft municipal digital solutions.

Enable your community to make and manage citizens requests on web and mobile.  Measure your communities sentiment and manage your communities social engagement effectively. Provide multiple governmental service integrations and community surveys.  Fully automate citizen complaints with municipal field services so that from complaint to action all activities are transparently and effectively managed.  Enjoy special government pricing, all powered by Microsoft.

Learn all about what we have to offer Israel Municipalities looking to enjoy all the benefits of Digital Israel's Digitalization of Municipalities Program


Digital Manufacturing

Digital manufacturing is no less than the fourth (4th) industrial revolution 

This industrial revolution is all about connectivity, data and decision making.  Connecting to machinery and equipment in the factory and in field, and to partners or customers on web and mobile.  Extracting through this connectivity real-time access to critical data which can then be channeled via automated processes and flows to enable quicker and more productive decision making is a quantum leap in manufacturing.   Machinery and equipment can be repaired or replaced before breaking down.  Customers and partners can get real time service.  Management can direct operations using more comprehensive data that is more readily available and bottom line is that manufacturers can now achieve much more in less time.   

This quantum leap in digital manufacturing is no less than the 4th industrial revolution and we are offering manufacturers the opportunity to get in early.


Laptop and Tablet Devices 

We are discount distributors in the Western Galilee, Israel of both Lenovo and Asus devices to schools, municipalities and manufacturing companies. 

We offer volume  discounts for the latest laptops and tablets for these two preferred manufacturers.

We also specialize in devices that support digital pens and assist all sectors with introducing the software systems and procedures to digitalize not just their old notebooks but their entire marketing, distribution and customer/partner infrastructure.

Email us to get more info about our devices and quantity discounts in Israel


Digital Project Management

We manage Microsoft technology digital projects, from planning, to architecture, development, to deployment and finally to solution integration. Our team of partners have a rich history in system design and planning, project management and development cycle supervision.  

Our head office is in the Western Galilee, Israel and our Development Center is in Kiev, where we  have a team of expert Microsoft certified professionals. 

To learn more about our International digital project management


Managesoft Partner

We are a general partnership focused on genuine compassion, collaboration and opportunity.

We specialize in offering organizations "Integrated Digital Solutions" build on Microsoft Platforms and advanced Technology as Direct Tier 1 Partners.

We have apprentice and associate programs where we assist people in building or developing a professional digital career.

Visit our About for more details

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